EDF cuts spending on planned Hinkley nuclear power plant

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EDF cuts spending on planned Hinkley nuclear power plant

Hinkley Point
The project is thought to pave the way for a fleet of new plants across the UK

EDF is reducing its spending on its planned new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

The company said it is refocusing its activities to control costs and that there will be a reduction in the number of people working on the project.

Negotiations with the government over how the huge project will be funded are continuing. The company said progress is being made.

EDF had hoped to conclude negotiations by the end of 2012.

EDF said that its decision “reflects its priorities ahead of securing the financing necessary for the project”.

“In this context much activity including further detailed pre-construction engineering work will continue ahead of the later construction phase,” it said in a statement.

“Negotiations with the UK government to agree a…

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Nuclear Security – Mission Focused

Duke Energy Nuclear Information Center

The assault team is settled on the wood line on a night with no moon. They are fine tuning their approach route, waiting for the right opportunity. In a few short seconds, they are identified, assessed and engaged by the highly trained security force at the Catawba Nuclear Station in South Carolina.  A hail of gunfire from multiple locations reins on the terrorist cell, neutralizing the entire team before they can get to their feet. 

Sound like science fiction? This is a typical training scenario for the nuclear security professionals across Duke Energy’s nuclear fleet. At Duke-operated nuclear stations, security is continuously evaluated through the critical review of the site’s ability to respond to a mock attack by adversaries and physically protect the site and its employees and equipment. This is a typical scenario of what is called a ‘force-on-force’ (FOF) security exercise. These exercises include a team of very…

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Is Nuclear Energy the End Point of Energy Technology?

Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog

Or is it merely one interim technique among many available now?

Is nuclear energy the end point of human energy development?

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Dividing communities as well as atoms


Dave SweeneyABC Environment 23 Apr 2013

Uranium mining may be attractive to those seeking to boost state coffers, but it leaves the land poisoned and communities divided.

A tourist snorkels amid coral in the Great Barrier Reef

COMMUNITIES IN REGIONAL Queensland are increasingly concerned about Premier Campbell Newman’s decision to open the Sunshine State to uranium mining — and with good reason.

The decision was made behind closed doors in response to pressure from industry lobby groups and — by the Premier’s own admission — without reference to independent economic analysis or advice.

The decision also broke a promise. In a letter to the Australian Conservation Foundation dated 11 October 2012 Premier Newman stated: “I take this opportunity to reaffirm my statements, made before the last election, that the State Government has no plans to approve the development of uranium in Queensland”. Two weeks later the Premier put out the welcome mat for the uranium industry.

Queensland is no stranger to…

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French company EDF quite prepared to pull out of building Britain’s new nukes


 ” As far as I am concerned, negotiations can also fail,” Proglio told reporters on the sidelines of a debate about France’s energy policy

flag-franceEDF SAYS “IN NO HURRY” FOR UK NUCLEAR PROJECTS PARISflag-UK Reuters April 19, 2013 – EDF chief executive officer Henri Proglio said on Thursday talks are continuing between the French utility and the British government about its nuclear projects in Britain but added that he was “in no hurry” to sign an agreement.

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Nuclear News Round Up (15th Apr – 19th Apr)

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Ontario’s high electricity bills due to nuclear costs, not renewables


money-lobbyingMad about your hydro bill? Blame nuclear and gas plants flag-canadahttp://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/2013/04/18/mad_about_your_hydro_bill_blame_nuclear_and_gas_plants.html

Payments to nuclear and gas-fired generators are the main ingredients in the largest component on Ontario hydro bills By: John Spears Business reporter,  Apr 18 2013 Payments to nuclear and gas-fired generating plants — not to renewable energy suppliers — are the main ingredients in the biggest component of your hydro bill.

That’s the conclusion of a study done for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which runs Ontario’s power market.

Renewable power has frequently been the whipping boy for hydro price increases, because of the highly visible prices it commands. It’s also a political flashpoint: the provincial Progressive Conservatives have presented a bill in the Legislature that would gut the renewable energy policies adopted by the Liberals.

But a study by Navigant Consulting Ltd. shows that payments to nuclear and gas-fired generators are responsible for two-thirds of…

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