NuclearTvbanner v1NuclearTV is an independent digital media provider for the nuclear industry

NuclearTV was formed to improve Nuclear Knowledge Management, (NKM)
specifically knowledge capture, analysis and transfer mechanisms to enable the
nuclear industry to fully benefit from any knowledge captured from that industry. We have five divisions within NuclearTV: NuclearTV, NuclearRadio, NuclearEvents, NuclearJobs and NuclearProductions.

NuclearTV was formed in 2011 (initially as NLTV), and holds a unique position within the nuclear industry as the only media provider which combines the strengths of industry knowledge and media experience. NuclearTV is independent, endorsed by Cogent SSC, and has the remit of supporting the nuclear sector as a whole. NuclearTV offers experience, contacts and knowledge in all areas of the nuclear industry.

Nuclear TV has four key focus areas:

1. Video and audio recording of lectures, courses and academic material from all areas of
academia, industry, trade bodies and professional institutions related to the nuclear industry
2. Nuclear industry news including event coverage
3. Political and regulatory interviews
4. Knowledge capture, management and transfer by hosting video and audio content on, iTunes (podcasts) and YouTube and making it as widely accessible as possible.


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