Renewable energy provides 70% of Portugal’s electricity


renewable_energyPortugal Provides 70% of Electricity Using Renewable Energy , Design Build, 19 April 13, By Marc Howe Figures from Portugal’s electricity network operator indicate that 70 per cent of all electricity consumed in the country during the first quarter of this year was derived from renewable energy sources, leading to a marked decline in the usage of conventional fossil fuels for power generation purposes.

The record-breaking levels of renewable energy usage were heavily abetted by favourable weather conditions, expediting generation by hydro power facilities and wind turbines and bringing about declines in electricity consumption by Portuguese citizens.

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USA gets another pro nuclear Energy Secretary


Moniz,-ErnestEnergy Secretary nominee breezes through committee vote, Planet Ark,  19-Apr-13 by Ayesha Rascoe  Energy Secretary nominee Ernest Moniz easily cleared his first hurdle in the Senate on Thursday, securing nearly unanimous support from the chamber’s energy committee.

With a vote of 21 to 1 in favor of the pick, Moniz’s nomination will move on for consideration by the full Senate. It is unclear when that will take place, but Moniz is widely expected to be confirmed.

Moniz, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, would replace Energy Secretary Steven Chu who announced earlier this year that he was stepping down…… Some environmentalists have criticized Moniz’ nomination, saying he was too supportive of shale gas and nuclear power.

Moniz is director of MIT’s Energy Initiative, which received funding from companies such as BP, Chevron and Saudi Aramco for academic work ….

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Nuclear energy now looks like a dud for South Africa


radiation-sign-sadStudy pours cold water on South Africa’s nuclear build plan BUSNESS DAY LIVE, BY CAROL PATON, 19 APRIL 2013, NEW National Planning Commission (NPC) modelling of South Africa’s energy demands says nuclear power should be delayed by years, and an immediate commissioning of flag-S.Africanew gas-generation capacity should take place to avoid rolling blackouts in the near future.

The remodelling commissioned by the NPC signals the start in earnest of what will be a highly contested policy debate: whether South Africa needs and can afford nuclear power or not, and by when.

The implication of the modelling is that no new nuclear power would be required before at least 2029, but more likely as far away as 2040 if demand grows as expected.

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Radiation safeguards on uranium mining essential – say Australian doctors

Nuclear Australia

It is essential that appropriate environmental and human safeguards remain, and that uranium mining and milling remains within the definition of “nuclear actions” for the purposes of the EPBC Act. There is a clear need for federal oversight to ensure clear and consistent implementation of these measures

Medical Assocation for the Prevention of War (MAPW)  SUBMISSION ON FEDERAL REGULATION OF URANIUM MINING, by Dr Margaret Beavis April 2013   The uranium mining industry is attempting to remove federal overview of uranium mining. MAPW Vice-President Dr Margaret Beavis has prepared this submission to the Productivity Commission arguing that federal oversight should remain, and noting that as risks to health and the environment become more apparent, radiation regulation is increasing internationally.:

It is concerning that the uranium industry has used the expression “mild radiation” to describe its radiological environmental impacts, when there is no regulatory basis or definition to use this term…

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Why Nuclear Energy is the Answer to the Energy Crisis

Philosophical Socialist Thought and Poetry

Nuclear energy is the future for our energy expectations. We will soon be reliant upon it as a source of energy for maintaining our lifestyle in the face of the anthropogenic global warming resultant from excessive carbon dioxide from fossil fuel consumption. Thus its reception by the public is an important consideration for policy makers as we look towards generating the right kind of policy for nuclear development in our country. The development of nuclear energy is an interesting history of its own that includes a few Nobel Prizes and several major scientific discoveries. As we look toward the future of nuclear policy, we must look to the past and uncover the science of the technology and how we can inform the public and remove misconceptions that prove to be barriers to progress.

Before discussing nuclear energy, it is necessary to explain why it is so important. We are in…

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Indian Point: Steady as she goes….



The original 40-year licenses for the two nuclear reactors at Indian Point are due for 20-year extensions this September and in 2015, respectively. Hearings by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were started late last year and no final decision is realistically expected for several years. It is well known that Governor Cuomo, other agencies and some members of the public want the reactors shut down due to their proximity to the large New York metropolitan area, with the Fukushima disaster presumably providing additional rationale.

From a national energy and environmental standpoint, nuclear power is a desirable way to generate electricity. Once a plant is built, the operating costs are low and there is no discharge of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In comparison, large power plants must burn oil, natural gas or coal. Oil has become too expensive, while natural gas is becoming the most desirable fuel. It does result in carbon…

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Canada to ship Uranium to India


April 11, 2013

New Delhi: Around 40 years after India used plutonium from a Canadian heavy water reactor to carry out its first nuclear test in defiance of world opinion,Ottawa is set to resume nuclear commerce with New Delhi.Earlier this week,India and Canada vaulted the final hurdle in dismantling sanctions imposed after the Pokhran I test by signing an Appropriate Arrangement Agreement (AAA) that will allow Canada to ship uranium to India.

The agreement was signed between Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and India’s Department of Atomic Energy.Canada is home to the second most significant uranium mining industry in the world after Kazakhstan.

France and Russia have supplied some quantities of uranium,but Canada did not,after the nuclear embargo imposed by the developed world on India.

An agreement with Australia has been inked,but a safeguards framework is still being negotiated.Nuclear cooperation with Canada has high symbolic significance for India as it marks…

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