Cut back UK Trident nuclear programme – says defence expert


UK should consider scaling back nuclear deterrent, says think tank – VIDEO

The cost and commitment of replacing Trident with a like-for-like system means the Government should consider what the “most necessary element” of our deterrent is, says Hugh Chalmers from the Royal United Services Institute. The Government ought to consider the range of possible options for the UK’s nuclear deterrent given the country’s financial situation and the committment that renewing the Trident weapons system represents, says a nuclear analyst at the Royal United Services Institute.

“I would recommed that you have to look at all the options available and think very carefully about what is the most necessary element of our deterrent, and which elements of the UK deterrent are no longer required, so we can make cuts where we can, and how we can,” says Hugh Chalmers.

Mr Chalmers also played down the threat posed by North…

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