Crystal River Nuclear Plant Worker Proves that Father Knows Best

Duke Energy Nuclear Information Center

Doug Humphrey 1He did what most of us won’t at age 22; he took his father’s advice. After a successful 43-year career with Duke Energy’s subsidiary Progress Energy Florida, Doug Humphrey, 66, has never regretted pursuing his career in the utility industry.

“My father grew up in north central Florida with no electricity,” Doug recalled. “He pumped water from a well with a hand pump. I remember him saying, ‘People will always need electricity and water, and you will never have a problem finding a job if you work in either.’ I applied for a job and pestered the employment office every two weeks to make sure they still had my application on file.”

On Oct. 13, 1969, Doug’s persistence prevailed. After returning to Florida from North Africa on active military duty in the U.S. Navy reserves, he landed a position as a technical draftsman with the company’s Transmission and Substation Engineering departments in St. Petersburg, Fla. – his hometown.  Five years later, he accepted…

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