HMS Audacious: MoD announces £1.2bn submarine contract

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HMS Audacious: MoD announces £1.2bn submarine contract

A new attack submarine, HMS Audacious, has been commissioned by the Ministry of Defence in a contract worth £1.2bn.

Diagram of HMS Astute

The BAE Systems deal, which will secure 3,000 jobs at Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, will progressively replace the Trafalgar Class currently in service.

A further £1.5bn has been committed to the remaining three Astute Class submarines being built, the MoD said.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the contracts would offer the UK’s armed forces “greater certainty”.

Audacious will be the fourth of the seven Astute Class submarines being built for the Royal Navy.

Forget what you may have seen on Das Boot or the Hunt for Red October. Instead, Astute has cameras fitted on a mast that feed live pictures into the control room.

Unlike the old periscope that would pop out of the water for minutes at a time, Astute’s mast breaks cover for…

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