Urenco takes on Capenhurst site

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Urenco takes on Capenhurst site

The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today completed the transfer of its Capenhurst site to Urenco subsidiary Capenhurst Nuclear Services (CNS).

Capenhurst (Sellafield Ltd)

(Capenhurst: now entirely owned by Urenco) (Image: Sellafield Ltd)

The 60-year-old Capenhurst site was previously split into two parts. One part – a former diffusion uranium enrichment plant that shut down in 1982 – owned by the NDA and operated by contractor Sellafield Ltd. While most of the plant has now been decommissioned, uranic material (primarily depleted uranium and uranium hexafluoride) is expected to be stored on the site until 2120. The other part of the Capenhurst site comprises Urenco’s operating centrifuge uranium enrichment plant.CNS has now taken ownership of the NDA portion of the site, combining it with the adjacent Urenco-owned site to create one nuclear licensed site.

The transition started in December 2011, when the NDA signed agreements with Urenco. Transferring…

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