Sizewell C nuclear power station consultation starts

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Sizewell C nuclear power station consultation starts

Sizewell C proposal
Sizewell C’s two reactor domes (centre) next to the existing Sizewell B dome (left)


More than 5,000 people are expected to work on the construction of a nuclear power station in Suffolk at its peak.

EDF Energy wants to build Sizewell C next to an existing plant at Leiston.

It would take nine years, with most workers housed on a new local ‘campus’. EDF also wants to create two park and ride sites, intended for construction staff, near the A12.

A public consultation is being held ahead of any formal planning application.

It said the principle of building a third nuclear plant on the Suffolk coast, immediately to the north of Sizewell B, had been accepted by government.

EDF said about 25,000 ’employment opportunities’ would be created, with 5,600 workers on site at the peak of construction.

Up to 3,000 construction workers…

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