ITER – Testing plasma-facing components in St Petersburg

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ITER – Testing plasma-facing components in St Petersburg

The first testing of plasma-facing components for ITER’s outer divertor target full-scale prototype started at the Efremov Institute in St Petersburg, Russia in late October.
These crucially important and sophisticated heat-capturing elements will be in direct contact with the plasma—a first barrier that will withstand the main heat flux from plasma during operation. As the plasma temperature is to reach 100-150 million °C, and the expected heat load on the divertor surface up to 20 MW/m2, the components under test have challenging requirements to meet.
To conduct the tests in Russia, a special ITER Divertor Test Facility was assembled at the Efremov Institute as part of the Russian commitment for the ITER project. Within the Facility, an 800 kW electron injector exposes the components to the same heat loads they will face inside the ITER vacuum vessel in the standard operational mode…

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