Nuclear’s social media

Reblog from Johnmacnuclear‘s blog.

During a recent meeting of european nuclear communicators the idea of nuclear power’s involvement with social media was discussed. The nuclear industry has by and large taken a hands-off approach to social media – only over the past year has it started to dabble with messaging the benefits of secure, low-carbon nuclear generation via the new channels. And this is strange when you think some 34 countries around the world are engaged in looking seriously at building new nuclear power stations. At present some 30% of the EU’s electricity is generated by nuclear. This is secure, stably-priced and increasingly seen as socially and politically acceptable and advantageous. But the nuclear industry’s traditional reticence in finding new formats to communicate with the general public has surely slowed-down its representation on facebook, twitter, Digg and LinkedIn.

But what are the benefits? And what type of audience does nuclear need to address at a time when the industry is going through a renaissance probably unequalled in any other sector? 

These are interesting questions  – and being nuclear probably means we will not rush into anything until we have done an exhaustive evaluation of the potential for loss control. Is social media fit for purpose for an industry all to easy to single out for attack. I dunno…but I’m blogging…and you’re reading.

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