Underwater nuclear bomb tests – causing environmental damage?


How safe are underwater nuclear tests? http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/index.cfm?method=home.regcon&contentid=20121105141816 , November 05, 2012 Khadijah Bawazeer I do not have a sure answer for this question. While watching the news about Hurricane Sandy, a friend of mine who is a news-addict suggested that the increasing number of major environmental crises all over the world might be the aftermath of underwater nuclear testing. The argument is plausible because, although this might not be the sole reason, it seems that the more that underwater nuclear testing occurs, the more tsunamis, hurricanes and floods there are all around the world.
Many if not all countries test nuclear energy underground because this type of testing is a lot more convenient. Such experiments can take place deep in the ocean far away from inhabited land. As a result there are few liability issues because the tests are conducted out of sight in international water and it is easy to deny that they ever took place. Also these experiments usually happen in…

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