ONR regulates….graphite in nuclear reactors

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ONR regulates….graphite in nuclear reactors

ONR regulates….graphite in nuclear reactors
The graphite moderator of the UK’s gas-cooled reactors fulfills key safety functions. For the advanced gas-cooled reactors operating in the UK, its continued use presents a challenge for both the nuclear industry and the regulator.Laurence Poulter, a nuclear inspector at the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), explains why it’s vital to monitor the continued use of graphite as reactors reach the end of their planned operation.In the UK, there are 14 operating AGRs, two at each station, operated by EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd (NGL). There is also one remaining operational Magnox reactor. All of these reactors use graphite as their moderator. This means the core is constructed from thousands of graphite components which, besides sustaining the nuclear reaction to enable safe electricity generation, form channels in the reactor core. These channels contain the nuclear fuel, reactor control and shutdown equipment and allow the passage…

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