USA elections: climate change and nuclear power ignored


Romney and Obama: Too Cowardly to Discuss What Really Matters,Truth Dig  Oct 6, 2012 Andrew Rusk  Acclaimed social philosopher Noam Chomsky wants you to know that presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are ignoring two of the gravest threats to humankind: climate change and nuclear war.

Chomsky points to a study from the Climate Vulnerability Monitor released in late September that found that the current predictions of the effects of global warming would be regressive for the world economy.

“The study was widely reported elsewhere but Americans have been spared the disturbing news,” Chomsky writes. The Democrats’ and Republicans’ official stances on climate change were reviewed in Science magazine’s Sept. 14 issue, he continues. “In a rare instance
of bipartisanship, both parties demand that we make the problem worse.”

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