Nuclear engineer slams industry safety standards: speech given at anti-nuclear protest rally UK


Commenting on EDF Energy’s bid to build a new EPR reactor at Hinkley, Smith added, “The nuclear industry suffers from the delusion that nuclear power is safe. They said that after Three Mile Island, they said it after Chernobyl and they said it after Fukushima. Do we really want Hinkley Point to be the next major disaster?”
published by CamillaKN on Sun, 07/10/2012 – 09:56


A specialist engineer who worked at Hinkley Point nuclear power station for almost 30 years yesterday slammed the nuclear industry’s approach to safety and predicted that a Fukushima-type disaster in the UK was ‘almost inevitable’.

Speaking at a rally organised to oppose the construction of a new mega-reactor at the Somerset power station, Peter Smith said he become increasingly disillusioned with the nuclear industry during his career. “Over the years, I became more and more aware of the dangers and dark side of nuclear power,” he…

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