Getting to “Yes” at International Conference on Nuclear Waste -Canada


but the tough questions during Tuesday’s sessions about transparency in some of the siting process and the independence of the nuclear regulators came from outside Canada, or not at all. 


“You don’t want a “yes” crowd because a “yes” crowd incites a “no” crowd and the “no” crowd always has a lot of energy”, explained Saida Laarouchi Engstrom, from the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company.


Asked to comment on what constitutes community support, Kramer replied that “Fifty (percent) plus one is not enough” and suggested that the ballot box was a way to measure support. Kramer said that those who support the nuclear waste burial project were elected, and those did not support it lost in the municipal elections.


Friday, October 05, 2012   by: Staff

Story Brennain Lloyd/Special to

A parade of country representatives took to the stage Tuesday in downtown Toronto at…

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