In spite of govt repression, India’s anti nuclear movement fighting on


Centre, TN govt suppressing anti-nuke protests in Kudankulam’ , Sep 30, 2012, The leader of anti-nuclear protests in Kudankulam today charged the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government with suppressing the struggle “only to support foreign countries” which want to sell nuclear reactors.


At a day-long All-India Left Coordination Convention activist SP Udaykumar demanded through video message the closure of the project. ”The central and state governments are ignoring our pleas … to support the American, Russian and French nuclear projects in the country. We strongly demand the closure of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant project and the government should scrap all nuclear power projects,” he said.

“We do need development but not at the cost of putting the lives of millions of people at stake and destroying our natural resources,” he said. He accused the CPI and CPI(M) of supporting the Kudankulam project on one hand and opposing Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant on the other.

At the convention, several leaders…

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