Sellafield – Adventure of a lifetime

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Adventure of a lifetime

  Sellafield employee Chris Hope has just competed in the World Adventure Race Championship involving a gruelling 500km challenge in the Southern French Alps.  He was up against seventy top teams from more than twenty countries competing in the adventure of a lifetime.

The bike raceThe finish lineThe Kayak race

Chris explained: “I have had an amazing but exceptionally tough week of racing, which culminated in our team achieving 10th place in the World Championship.

“It was an incredible race with some superb highs but also some pretty deep lows.  I learnt a lot along the way and proved to myself what is achievable with good team work, the right frame of mind and some determination.

“Teams of four compete and I was asked to join Team Adidas TERREX at the last minute, after one of their team broke a leg.  Thankfully I have an understanding wife, children and boss, so booked the flight…

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